Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I have had one root canal done by Madison Endodontics. My wife has had one done there as well. I would have had a second one done there recently and Dr. Ries did much less to my tooth so that now I don’t require the root canal. There is no better place to go in the Madison area for specialized dental care. The purpose of a root canal is to remove the root from the tooth. Many dentists leave parts of the roots which results in of the eventual necessity of removing the tooth. When I had my one root canal done here, one of my roots was particularly challenging to get clean. Dr. Ries stayed with it. He got it. Many other dentists would have given up. Also, the staff at this office are all incredibly dedicated and sincere in their commitment to take care of every patient who walks through the door. I cannot stress enough how well you will be taken care of by everyone if you choose to have your teeth tended to at Madison Endodontics."

- Jacob G

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